The ProFuN TG tool

ProFuN TG (Task Graph) is a high-level programming environment for wireless sensor networks. It helps the application programmer with software design, deployment and maintenance.


Task graph view

Network + allocation view


Why task graphs?

Thinking about applications as task graphs opens up a number of benefits - here are some of them.

Automated task mapping

Using a single click, map the task graph to a network in a way that optimizes energy-efficiency or another objective function.

Constrain the mappings by describing requirements for node hardware components and properties; setup task copies per-node or per-region. Automatically build firmware images with the right components enabled.

In the example, a simple Sensor (S) -> Actuator (A) task graph is instantiated in the network in three copies.

Integrated performance requirements

Specify the minimal acceptable path quality between a communicating pair of source and destination tasks. Describe link-qualities either with simple number of complex probability distributions and let the the tool automatically infer the path quality.


Achieve higher reliability through automated task reallocation on link, node or sensor failures.


(a) For increased reliability and coverage create multiple task copies on redundant sensor nodes. (b) For increased energy efficiency, reduce the number of copies as long as acceptable performance is achieved. (c) On node failures, the task copies are automatically moved around.