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Nifty - NIF interface generator



Paper and Talk at the Erlang Workshop 2016

We are giving a presentation about Nifty at the Erlang Workshop 2016 on September 23rd in Nara (Japan).You can find t...

More Dirty Scheduler Support

You can now specify dirty schedulers on a function level. To do so you need to add functions_options to the nifty opt...

Support for enums

Nifty has now support for enums. Lets wrap the following code into themodule my_module:enum my_enum { A_VALUE,...

Support for dirty schedulers

Nifty now has experimental support for dirty schedulers. Just add schedule_dirty to your nifty options:1> nifty:co...

Talk at the Erlang User Conference 2014

On June 9-10 we will give a talk at the Erlang User Conference introducing Nifty.